miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

Who is Vanessa Vandergast

Vanessa Vandergast, a globetrotter, a people person who has been working with Gregoire Vogelsang of Vogelsang Gallery (based in Belgium, but often travels to international fairs in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Miami)
A gallery agent and a business and project manager for Robert Faber. (Robertfarber.com), Sounds like there is nothing she can’t do. While she has made of her hobbies her Jobs and travels the World meeting all kinds of World-wide known people, she clearly knows what she is doing. There is no doubt that Vanessa Marie Vandergast has an innate ability to succeed.  Moving from gallery to gallery, helping everyone she comes in contact with accomplish great results, Vanessa Vandergast has clearly made an impact in society.
Vanessa Vandergast