miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Vanessa: a friend's friend

I am Jennifer and I have been friends with Vanessa since 1998. We met in Mallorca, Spain while we were both taking classes for our Masters. All these years, there is one thing I can say about Vanessa and that is that she is true to her purpose in life – helping people and also making people feel special. On top of that, she is LOADS of fun! Vanessa and I have globetrotted around the world one following the other. One of the instances where she did everything she could to help me out was when I was basically out of a teaching job because of medical reasons. Once she found out, she called me from Chile and told me to “get on a train” for an interview that she had set up for me in Madrid. Her influence helped me get the job.  Another example is how she has frequented restaurants/clubs around the world and finds out their “slow nights” and sets up PR and dinner events for people to meet each other and to help the restaurant make some money. Another example is that Vanessa is a walking cupid. She will set up couples that end of up in passionate nights and/or long term relationships that go all the way towards marriage. I have a few examples about that . . . . . . but this blog is not about those stories. J
Overall, she is always ready to help out. If you are down and need somebody to talk to, she will drop everything for you and listen to you intently. If you want to go out with Vanessa and you don’t feel so pretty in your dress, she will run to her closet to offer you the best she has.
Fun? Did you say fun? We laughed so hard when:
  • ·         Basically the entire 200 habitant village of Nivar come by our house numerous times as they were under suspicion were tanning on the balcony
  •       We ran around in a speed boat in Ibiza with a naked man that was wearing only a tool belt around his waist.
  • ·         Every man in the bar by the old Market Place in NY would buy us a glass of champagne each
  • ·         Vanessa was worried about going out in a dress in Dubai as everyman would stare at her as though they were going to eat her. Carnivores!
  • ·         We were followed around by young SMURFS in Pacha who were surprised when we said we were over 25

I have added a few photos, however, many of our pictures were taken before digital cameras were available and most of the memories are in our heads.

Long live Vanessa!

So much fun anywhere with Vanessa!

sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

My friend Vanessa Marie Vandergast

Vanessa Vandergast
Vanessa Marie Vandergast

I want to share a little recent story of my new life where I would like to thank Vanessa Marie Vandergast for. After leaving my home country for an unexpected job offer, I felt like my life had come to a devastating end. I didn’t want to let go of my already settled and comfortable life; my family, friends, my house, my beloved home. The moving part was hard, but even harder was the whole settling down part, adapting to a whole new culture, weather, and complete distinct environment and customs. I decided that I needed company, someone to help me get used to such a chance. Of course, the first person that came to mind is my friend Vanessa Vandergast. Vanessa Marie Vandergast is just one of the people you meet and immediately click with. She is fun, loving and all in all a good friend and person. She always has something unique and different to share, knows what is in and where all the excitement is. I immediately felt somewhat at home when she arrived to visit me. Not a lot of friends would take a plane ride half across the country to keep you company and make you feel better. Vanessa Vandergast, a definition of a true friend, not being native or local of where I was living, however managed to introduce me to the best restaurants in town, took me out to all the right places and was there, hand in hand with me, making a tough path become a walk of roses. Inevitably, with Vanessa’s job background and experience, a side from her genuinely people oriented personality, we also met many people, made friends, and good contacts that could help me start my new life and feel more welcome.

Thank you, my friend, Vanessa Marie Vandergast.

miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

Who is Vanessa Vandergast

Vanessa Vandergast, a globetrotter, a people person who has been working with Gregoire Vogelsang of Vogelsang Gallery (based in Belgium, but often travels to international fairs in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Miami)
A gallery agent and a business and project manager for Robert Faber. (Robertfarber.com), Sounds like there is nothing she can’t do. While she has made of her hobbies her Jobs and travels the World meeting all kinds of World-wide known people, she clearly knows what she is doing. There is no doubt that Vanessa Marie Vandergast has an innate ability to succeed.  Moving from gallery to gallery, helping everyone she comes in contact with accomplish great results, Vanessa Vandergast has clearly made an impact in society.
Vanessa Vandergast